Turning LMS content into a live group presentation at the click of a button

A special viewing mode for presenting during group studies on a large screen or projector.

The Problem

WordPress LMS systems like LearnDash & LifterLMS are designed for individual students learning on their own devices, so what do you do when you want to present your course to a group from large screen or projector? Tangible created a simple button to instantly switch to a presentation mode with the content in full view, sized for people in the back seats. To top it off, questions that would normally have been presented as a form or quiz are now presented to the whole group as slides to foster discussions.

The Details

Group Mode

In order to accommodate groups viewing course content on a large screen or projector, we needed to create a fullscreen style interface while still allowing the group to navigate through the course. We added an Individual/Group mode toggle to the LearnDash focus mode header which makes the current content fullscreen, but maintains the previous/next navigation buttons & sidebar toggle in the header.

Review Question Mode

Once in fullscreen mode, the presenter can toggle between presenting the lesson video and discussion question slides at their own pace.

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