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Drake meme saying no to WordPress courses and yes to membership plans

Why your LearnDash LMS should be selling memberships, not courses

By Ben |
After years of working on learning management systems (LMS) for WordPress like LearnDash and LifterLMS, we’ve noticed a trend: most platforms are built on a bad sales model. In this post, we’ll examine why people fall into this trap and discuss how you can build a better, more flexible LMS by selling memberships, not courses.
WordPress LMS diagram

Pros and cons of a WordPress LMS in 2023

By Ben |
When it comes to managing your own e-learning platform, there are more options today than ever. From dedicated third-party platforms like Canvas and Blackboard to WordPress LMS plugins like LearnDash and LifterLMS to custom-built in-house tech, the choices can quickly become overwhelming. Making the wrong decision can have lasting impacts on your ability to grow
Learndash vs custom development

The ultimate list of WordPress LMS features: LearnDash vs. custom development

By Ben |
When it comes to building out your dream e-learning platform, WordPress offers some of the best value per dollar. The platform combines the simplicity of plug-and-play LMS plugins and add-ons with the flexibility of being able to develop any additional custom features or integrations you might need. But with all this flexibility, it can be