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Drake meme saying no to WordPress courses and yes to membership plans

Why your LearnDash LMS should be selling memberships, not courses

By Ben |
After years of working on learning management systems (LMS) for WordPress like LearnDash and LifterLMS, we’ve noticed a trend: most platforms are built on a bad sales model. In this post, we’ll examine why people fall into this trap and discuss how you can build a better, more flexible LMS by selling memberships, not courses.
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Stop using the built-in e-commerce features in LearnDash

By Ben |
LearnDash is by far the most popular LMS plugin for WordPress, and for a good reason; it comes bundled with so many great features and integrations that you can use it to build the e-learning website of your dreams. But one of those features often gets people in trouble when they’re first deciding how to set up their site. That feature is the e-commerce functionality—the part of your LMS that handles selling and controlling access to your courses.
Learndash vs custom development

The ultimate list of WordPress LMS features: LearnDash vs. custom development

By Ben |
When it comes to building out your dream e-learning platform, WordPress offers some of the best value per dollar. The platform combines the simplicity of plug-and-play LMS plugins and add-ons with the flexibility of being able to develop any additional custom features or integrations you might need. But with all this flexibility, it can be