Why we recommend LearnDash

We want the best for our clients; which is why we partner with the #1 choice of Fortune 500 companies, major universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide for creating (and selling) their online courses.

Complete control of learner experience

Other platforms don’t allow for highly customized learning experiences that match your brand, course material and teaching style. LearnDash allows us to build tailored experiences like customizing based on learner skill, personality or input. If you have blended learning with live group calls and one on one tutoring session, you can add that. If you want each company that uses your platform to see their logo and customized content, you can do that.

Deep integration with WordPress and marketing tools

Since WordPress tends to be where your website, membership system and ecommerce platform already live, LearnDash naturally fits into your existing setup. It also allows tracking and sending every bit of information about your learners to your other tools so that you can trigger all sorts of automation and keep your data in sync.

No transaction fees, per-seat costs or business model restrictions

Other platforms often limit the ways you can charge for your course and increase your recurring costs based on seats or features. With LearnDash there are no seat limits or transactions fees. You have the freedom to create custom packages that tie into your memberships, groups, forums, products, discounts, coupons, subscriptions and more and go far beyond simply granting access to a course. If you want to have companies pay for corporate accounts with which they can manage employee access and monitor progress, you can do that too.


  • Advanced quizzes & assignments
  • Drip-feeding
  • Gamification
  • Certificates & Badges
  • Lesson timers
  • Powerful reporting
  • Pre-requisites
  • Dynamic forums
  • Course points
  • Automatic & manual grading
  • One-time, recurring & split payment options
  • Memberships
  • Multiple teachers
  • Group management
  • User profiles
  • Notifications
  • Tin Can API & SCORM
  • Video progression
  • Course materials
  • Multimedia: audio, video, articulate, adobe catpivate, images, google docs, etc.

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