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Meet Team Tangible


Tangible is a team of young, dedicated professionals. Although our company is based in Quebec, Canada, some of our team is from France and Argentina. We operate in English, French, and Spanish.

We're still a startup, but we're growing steadily and taking on more and more interesting and challenging projects.

Founded by our dear leader, Gabriel, in 2016 (with Julia in tow), Tangible set out to make its mark in the world of Wordpress (our platform of choice). Our office environment is a congenial one. We're friends as well as co-workers, so everything we do and say is done in the interest of long-term peace and productivity. ✌✌

Julia Canzani

Wordpress Developer

Mariano Sanchez

Graphic Designer

Pablo Rossetti

Web Designer

Francis Thiébaud


Joshua Sukhdeo

Wordpress Developer

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