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The e-learning challenge

You’ve invested a lot into developing the knowledge and skills you have (or have access to). They’re valuable assets. Turning those assets into revenue, however, can be a challenge.

Online learning experiences are an opportunity to reach a wider audience, but students are getting more and more demanding. One-size-fits-all platforms have proliferated and people a have a million cookie-cutter “video, text, next” courses to choose from.

Self-hosted systems like WordPress & LearnDash provide you with more flexibility to break free of the mold but with more power comes greater responsibility!

Why we recommend LearnDash


Complete control of learner experience


Deep integration with WordPress and marketing tools


No transaction fees, per-seat costs or business model restrictions

How we take LearnDash to the next level

We’ve made the best WordPress LMS even better thanks to our plugins and tailored services. Having headquarters in a multilingual Canadian province also means we’ve had experience with the challenges of multilingual and international LMS platforms and can help you reach a global audience.

Our contributions:

Drag and drop template editing

We’ve created a powerful page builder integration to allow easy visual editing of course layouts (link to Beaver Builder)

Marketing automation

We’ve helped our clients deeply integrate with their marketing and CRM software so that they can send communication based on a learner’s course activity. See that a student is struggling? Why not upsell them to a private tutoring session!

Live classes / blended learning

We’ve created a system to integrate live and pre-recorded courses via Zoom that can be customized to your needs. Why not add upsells to one-on-one our group live video lessons in addition to your pre-recorded course options? Schedule live classes in advance and give people access by course, group or more. Get attendance reports, one-click webinar join links for students & teacher as well as a full upcoming live class schedule in the student, group or course dashboard for each student. (link to plugin)

Easy course material management

Managing course materials has never been easy. LearnDash only includes a simple text box and expects you to write HTML if you want to add links. With our plugin you can easily add, style and rearrange course materials with our drag and drop editor. (link to plugin)

Membership integration

Thank to our integration plugin, LearnDash is now deeply integrated with the WooCommerce memberships system and membership, group & course access can all affect each-other. (link to memberdash)

Adaptive experiences

Need quizzes that go beyond “true or false” and instead affect the student’s learning experience based on their answers? We’ve created systems to allow adaptive experiences based on skill levels, personality types and more. (link to case study / blog post)

Our LearnDash Products:

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