LearnDash groups for Schools divided into “classrooms” with several classes of students

This client specializing in occupational assessment analysis opted to sell their course materials to both individual teachers – representing individual classrooms – and schools – representing a number of classrooms.

The problem

With plugins such as WooCommerce Subscriptions, Uncanny Groups for Learndash it’s normally easy to automatically sell a pre-configured group to one classroom.

A physical classroom with 30 seats will accommodate only 30 students at a time, but on a 6-period school day, it can end up housing 180 individual students. We needed to upgrade the group management interface to handle this.

On top of upgrading the group system to map to the reality of physical classrooms, the way LearnDash groups are sold via WooCommerce needed to be modified to allow selling bundles of preconfigured groups to schools.

The solution

Supporting class periods

We augmented the Uncanny Groups management panel with an additional field called ‘Period’. Students can be added to, transferred between and filtered by their period. The effective classroom size is then, the number of seats times the number of periods.

Implementing WooCommerce Memberships for Teams

School products are, in effect, Woocommerce Teams. A team leader (a principal or school administrator) adds members to the team, representing teachers. Each teacher added has a group automatically created for them. Thus, our client was able to fulfil both of their business needs – selling classrooms to individual teachers, and selling classroom packs to schools that can later be allocated to teachers.

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