One student dashboard for everything

User dashboards don't need to be complex and hard to navigate. We created a single easy-to-use dashboard to manage everything in one place.

The Problem

This site has a lot of systems on top of default WordPress functionality. Users need to be able to view their certificates, course, and gamification progress on top of standard account editing capabilities. By default, users would need to juggle 3 or 4 different dashboards to have access to all of this information and functionality.

The Solution

Keep it Simple

We created a single dashboard that allows the user to view and edit everything they need in an elegant way. No need to clutter your header menu with 3 separate links.

Edit Profile Modal

Okay, but how do we fit a big edit profile form in here without ruining the ease of use and sleek feel of the dashboard? We put it in in a modal! Users can quickly change their profile picture, edit their display name, or change their password and be on their way learning in a matter of seconds thanks to our Beaver Profile Builder plugin.

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