Offering multi-course programs with cross-course progress tracking

LearnDash gets a level of hierarchy above courses

The problem

This massage therapy training business had existing physical textbooks they wanted to digitize and offer on their LearnDash LMS. The traditional course > lesson > topic hierarchy wasn’t enough to organize the sheer volume of content contained in a traditional textbook. Tangible needed to add an entirely new level of hierarchy above this (textbook > course > lesson > topic) and make these new “course tracks” feel like a native part of the platform alongside regular courses in listings, shop pages & student dashboards.

The solution

A new Textbook Table of Contents Page

The Textbook Table of contents page lists all of the courses included in order. The course track has its own progress bar which displays combined progress across all courses in the track.

The Table of Contents page for each textbook displays the overall completion and the courses that make up the textbook chapters

A few extra fields in the admin allow the client to easily customize the appearance of each textbook.

Custom fields enable the client to set an image and author for the textbook.

A custom Elementor widget to display textbooks among course grids

We created a configurable Elementor widget so that the client can easily place a mixed grid of students’ textbooks and courses anywhere they need it. The grid excludes courses that are already included in a textbook, simplifying the experience for the end user. This was made possible without resorting to PHP development thanks to our Tangible Blocks plugin.

The custom Elementor Widget makes it easy for our client to place a grid of a student’s enrolled courses and textbooks wherever it’s needed.

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