LearnDash blended self-paced & appointment-based courses

In context personalized 1:1 mentorship & guidance on the learner's schedule

The Problem

The client delivers a personal and professional development program that requires several mandatory 1:1 meetings blended with the self-paced content. Learners needed to be granted a certain number of Zoom appointments they could book at their own leisure, but needed to attend in order to complete the program. Students also needed to be able to schedule appointments with different teachers depending on which course they’re taking. Appointment systems exist, but they don’t integrate with LMS plugins out of the box and there’s no easy way to grant a number of appointments to be booked later in the price of a course. How do we give the user the ability to schedule the appointments included in their course in the least amount of steps possible?

The Solution

Course/Appointment Relationship

Tangible created a relationship between courses and WooCommerce appointment products so that users could decide to schedule a meeting straight from their course page.

Simplify Appointment Checkout Flow

The default appointment checkout flow had a lot of unnecessary clutter and an ugly looking UI since it is essentially checking out a free WooCommerce product. We replaced the appointment product template to make the scheduling process as easy as possible for the end user. This also cuts down on confusion since it no longer appears like you’re going through a purchasing process for something you already paid for. Behind the scenes, we made clever use of GamiPress points to grant the correct amount of free meeting “vouchers”.

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