It’s time to take your relationship with
your students to the next level

Be with them everywhere and become an essential part of their day to day.

Don’t kid yourself

You are not your students’ priority. You’re probably not even in the top 10 most important things in their lives. You're asking them to set aside distraction-free time to sit at their computer.

No wonder course completion rates are so low!

Your students are only truly engaged when:

  • They’re able to find a great internet connection (kids watching Netflix? Sketchy cafe wifi? Some other time I guess!)
  • You’re the only browser tab open
  • Their families, friends and coworkers aren’t around
  • Their chores haven’t piled up
  • They’re on top of everything else at work
Send your students notifications to remind them to keep up.
No Wifi Needed
Allow students to securely download some or all of your content for offline viewing
No Competition
Users have one app on their screen at a time, unlike all those browser tabs!
You’ll be right with them whenever they have a spare moment
Follow them into the woods, onto the bus, even into the shower. Creepy but convenient.
Any Device
Works with devices running iOS, Android as well as both phones and tablets.

It’s not just for the big guys anymore

The rise of companies like DuoLingo, Khan and Coursera means your students expect the great mobile learning experiences offered by these multi-million dollar giants.

Building a 100% custom native app from scratch costs tens of thousands, but inexpensive webview based alternatives are slow don’t take full advantage a devices capabilities.

Tangible has created a flexible common core than can be modified to fit the needs of any LearnDash school. This allows us to offer compelling experiences for just four figures, and highly customized experiences in the low to mid five figures.


Be unique.

Since this isn’t a one-size-fits-all template, it can be customized entirely to your brand and the experience you want. Standard LearnDash features work out of the box, but custom additions are possible.

B-COM Solutions E-Learning Project

Our Expertise

We worked on several large-scale LearnDash projects before deciding to build this app. Our experience with the platform is what places us well to deliver the best app possible.

Pre-Launch Pricing

After the full launch, pricing will likely be upwards of 5000/app (iPhone, iPad, Android phone and android tablet each count as an app). Today, we’re offering our first users the opportunity to access all 4 apps customized to their brand for just 3500/each. Additional customization beyond the core app will be 50% funded by our team during this period.





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Android Tablet


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